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Say Hello to Manila!

What does Vietnam and the Philippines have in common?  Both are Asian countries heartbreakingly blessed with beautiful people and breathtaking natural wonders.  It is no surprise that both have won a place in the recently concluded New 7 Wonders of … Continue reading

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Ernest Hemingway Stamp

Dropped by the post office today for the first time this year.  As I was mailing a letter, I noticed that the new stamp features Ernest Hemingway.  So cool! There also is a new stamp as a tribute to the … Continue reading

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Asia LIFE features Juram Gavero

I was browsing through this month’s Asia LIFE when I read an article on fellow Filipino, Juram Gavero who has been living in Ho Chi Minh City for 12 years now. He’s a musician and has become one of the … Continue reading

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Snail Convention

Just some unusual thing we saw tonight as we went home from dinner:  a snail convention. We saw some 9 snails on the patches of grass by the mini-park between apartment buildings. Just odd to see so many all in … Continue reading

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The WORD gets a new look

The WORD HCMC gets a new ‘do to welcome 2012!  Check it out! Get a copy now and do check out my article on artist, Dam Thuy. Hope the new year brings in more opportunities for me to write! 🙂

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New Year’s at Binh Quoi 2

As much as we wanted to see the fireworks in the city to welcome the new year, we opted to go with friends at the fringes of Binh Thanh district for some r & r. We ended up spending New … Continue reading

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Welcome 2012!

May your load be light Your dreams in sight May your joy overflow with more highs, than low Wealth, peace, and a healthy body and mind but please this year, let’s be more kind! Welcome 2012, Saigon! *photo taken by … Continue reading

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