Jensen Moreno in The Word

Remember my interview with Jensen late last year?

Finally, the full article in The Word is out.  Kindly check the In The Frame portion of the magazine. 🙂  Just an erratum though, Jensen Moreno teaches art at The American School of Vietnam and not in AIS.  Truly sorry for this error Jensen!

Do check out the February edition!  If you’re looking for a fitness center or gym, The Word has laid it all out for your including membership costs.  Find out about the best places to hangout and dine in.  I’m actually excited about the seafood spot called the Oc Dao at Alley 285 along Nguyen Trai St. in D1.  Geisha Cafe is also in the spotlight in the Cafe Critique column.

Where to get a copy?  See the distribution list here.

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