Seen in Saigon: Bike Delivery

This is how we do it in Vietnam.  Want your bike delivered to your place?  Here’s how:

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2 Responses to Seen in Saigon: Bike Delivery

  1. saigonrob says:

    Great photo. I love it! My favourite was seeing a guy deliver a front loding washing machine on the back of his bike… somehow he managed to keep the bike upright until two colleagues came out of the repair shop to help get it onto the ground! Alas, I didn’t have a camera or phone with me at the time. Then the next day I saw a guy with a Queen sized mattress on the back. Flat!

    Great place, Ho Chi Minh! Robert (

  2. Lyra says:

    Robert, although sometimes scary — like my digital keyboard being delivered via motorbike — it’s awesome how they do it here. I’ve even seen one guy on a motorbike delivering a small fridge with no rope support whatsoever. The guy only used one of his hands to make sure the fridge is in place. *shakes head*

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