Belli Blossom

Been on the hunt for some baby stuff that I ended up in Belli Blossom in Crescent Mall.  This shop opened in late January and is one of the best places to find baby and maternity products.

Luckily today, I got to chat with Belli Blossom’s Planning and Finance Director, Kerry Li, a fellow Filipina who has been living in Vietnam for 7 years with her family.  She was busy helping her team fill up the shelves with new stocks of baby clothes when I saw her this afternoon.

And can you believe it?  They’ve got Gingersnaps clothes which I absolutely love — got lots of those for my son when we were still living in Manila.  They also have Medela products — including breastpump which I’ve been thinking of getting.  Hay gastos!

I’m pretty excited about their store because it practically sells stuff I bought during my first pregnancy — like the Baby Couture diaper bags, breastfeeding pillows, Safety First products, maternity clothes, and a whole lot more.

Visit them at the 3rd Floor of Crescent Mall.

The Crescent
Ton Dat Tien Avenue Phú Mỹ Hưng, Tan Phu Ward District 7, Ho Chi Minh City


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