Diaper Cake, anyone?

The dragon year is ushering in a baby boom!  I know of 4 more moms who’ll be giving birth  soon!  This includes my office mate who’ll be starting her vacation leave come Monday — so I decided to surprise her with a diaper cake on her last day of work this Friday.

I absolutely loved making this one!  Embellishments included a pacifier, comb, brush, teethers, towelettes, and hand puppet!

I would have given her a full baby shower but I don’t think the Vietnamese are familiar with this and also, I don’t feel at ease asking my office mates to shell out for something they’re not accustomed to.

But anyway, I really just want to gift Jenny with this as she is one of the sweetest colleagues in our office and has been nothing, but good to me. 🙂

And yes, she’s expecting her first baby, and it’s a boy! 🙂

P.S.  If anyone is interested, I accept orders for diaper cakes too!  Leave me a message! 😀

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1 Response to Diaper Cake, anyone?

  1. Kikki Le says:

    Hi! I’m in dire need of a diaper cake. Please contact me ASAP if this blog is still active. Thank you so much! (At kikkidotle@gmail.com)

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