Food Trip: Brotzeit

I was intrigued with Dani’s post on Brotzeit that I roped in some friends to join me and try this new restaurant at the 1st floor of Kumho Link at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Just a bit of a warning though.  Brotzeit is at the 1st floor of Kumho Link.  Therefore, you have to go inside Kumho Link, take the escalators and go up the 1st floor.  Apparently, Bobby Chinn’s Restaurant at the ground floor beneath Brotzeit, doesn’t have a signboard yet and you might make the mistake — as my friends did — to enter this establishment when you’re meaning to go to Brotzeit.  Although, it wouldn’t be so bad ‘coz I’m excited to eat at Bobby Chinn’s too!

The place is designed to accommodate huge groups with their school cafeteria-style set-up — with heavy wooden dining tables and leather-lined wooden benches.  Good for me  as I’ve become a heavyweight past Manny Pacquiao’s weight in his last boxing match. 😦

Since Brotzeit is a German Bier Bar and Restaurant wherein clients will indulge in beer (lots of it) and probably cigarettes too, the area near the window is open so you can at least have a breath of fresh Hai Ba Trung air.  But it was lunch time when we arrived and we were mostly in the company of office people taking their lunch breaks.

We tried the set lunch meal.  For appetizers, a friend chose Stuffed Ham Baguette (above) while a couple of us ordered the Sour of the Day (below) which is potato soup.

For the main course, I ordered the Schnitzel which was what Dani recommended.

It was delicious with the gravy!  My friend ordered the Dory Fillet and got to taste it and it was delish as well with the sauteed veggies.

Sorry, I forgot the next couple of sausage dishes but I do remember they tasted yummy too!

The Bavarian Pizza was fantastic!  I love the thin crust and the flavor!

Visit Brotzeit at the 1st Floor of Kumho Link at Hai Ba Trung St., D1!  Definitely worth it!

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