Happy Valentine’s Day Saigon!

Sent this to hubby for Valentine’s Day I ordered from Hoa Tuoi.  For some reason, most of the flower shops in Saigon don’t have a website and online ordering system. 😦  That’s why I’m glad my office mate recommended Hoa Tuoi and luckily it has a website!

Okay, so Danny was asking how I paid for my order which I’m sorry I forgot to write about.  The site is in Vietnamese — so it’s better if you have Google Chrome which automatically translates the page for you.  You can pay via 3 methods:

1.  Direct Payment – which is what I did. A Hoa Tuoi representative came to my office to get my payment.

2. Payment by Post – yup! You pay at the Post Office.

3. Payment by bank transfer or ATM Card.

Check their Payment Methods page.


So where are you guys off to tonight?  I cringe at the thought of traffic!

Happy Hearts Day!

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5 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day Saigon!

  1. danny says:

    how do u pay if it’s from the website? what is the address in hcmc? the website is in VN which i cant understand… thanks

  2. Lyra says:

    Hi Danny! Actually, I didn’t pay online. They came to my office and got my payment directly.

  3. danny says:

    thanks Lyra

    i learned two things :

    1. how to buy flowers online
    2. google chrome can auto translate

    ha ha


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