R & R with LoJ

I love going on retreats and recollections — whether if it’s just for a day. I find that the true R & R (rest and relaxation) for the soul can be achieved attending  a retreat or recollection.  I truly miss my personal retreat sessions in Calereuga in Batangas City (PH).

So last Saturday, I attended the Light of Jesus Family one day recollection which is part of the celebration of this community’s foundation second anniversary in HCMC.  Father Lito, who is the founder of this community in HCMC came all the way from the Manila for this weekend of praise and worship.  Father Lito is also our Vietnamese Language instructor in 2010.  We sorely missed him.

It was a day full of insights and revelations.  And it was wonderful to reconnect with the Almighty through prayer and songs.  I just love the songs sung in this community!

The next day after Sunday Mass, a bigger celebration with the LoJ Family, together with other family members and friends came together.  To show our love for our Faith and in celebration of Valentine’s Day, we all came fired up in RED.

In the Philippines, where Catholic prayer and communities are easily accessible, I take such groups for granted.  I can always drop by a Church any time during the day to talk with my God in the Blessed Sacristy.  I can plan my retreats.  Here in Saigon, it’s doubly hard finding a Church where I can just go to during my lunch hour to sit and be — so communities, such as LoJ, that never fails to invite reluctant attendees like me to their family is such a huge blessing.

Happy 2nd anniversary Light of Jesus Family HCMC!

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