There are some things you just ignore because you’ve got lots of it — like the presence of Starbucks, McDonald’s, and yes, Subway in Manila.  But here, it’s such a big deal when a Western fast food chain suddenly pops in your neighborhood.

Subway’s 3rd store in HCMC is right behind Sun Wah Tower along Ho Tung Mau Street, a couple of blocks where I work!  Just sad that they opened this one just a couple of months before I take my maternity leave.  Even sadder was I only saw it yesterday after I ate at Sarpino’s right beside it.  Sarpino’s isn’t really my favorite place to eat in but it’s strategically located near my work.

Speaking of Sarpino’s, I ate there last month and there was this Western grandpa who ate by himself.  After half-eating his solo pizza and paid his meal, he went to the crew behind the counter near where I sat and said, “Worst pizza I’ve ever eaten.  I’m never coming back here again.”  I don’t know what he ordered but I’m just glad what I ordered was pretty okay.

So anyway, back to Subway.  I actually just eat Subway sandwiches when I’m off to plant visits up north when I was still working in Manila.  But now, I really, really miss it so am super happy that they’ve put up another store nearby.  I wish they can put one in D7 but in a residential area, I don’t think they have much market.

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