Mang Jun to the Rescue!

I am no kitchen diva.  When the kitchen gods showered talent, I may have been sleeping.  Would you believe that I actually learned how to use a knife when Chef Phuong of the Saigon Cooking Class taught me how?

During weekends when we have no help around, I have to wrack my brain for inspiration on what to cook for my family.  And since, I’m mostly lazy during the weekends… well you can conclude whatever you want.

That’s why it’s such a blessing that some enterprising Filipinos have cooking services, like Mang Jun.  During Saturdays, he sends me his menu for the day and I just order our authentic Filipino meal at a real affordable price.

So this weekend we had Kare-Kare.  Sorry about the photo as I only took a picture after I almost finished the dish!  I promise you it was SUPER sarap!  And that’s not all he have extra meals today like lugaw (congee) and puto (rice cakes).

So, if you’re looking for a Filipino treat, send Mang Jun a message at 0909012755.  He also accepts catering.  Check out the food he prepared for my son’s 3rd birthday here.

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1 Response to Mang Jun to the Rescue!

  1. julie says:

    mang jun kare-kare is a great one..craving satisfied..thankyou..hope to try other filipino dishes soon..

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