My First Vietnamese Wedding at Villa Song

That’s my friend Anh who got married this weekend.  The celebration was in Thao Dien Village, Villa Song Saigon which was 3 districts away from our place!  It was far!  Luckily the weekend traffic was light so we didn’t spend too much time on the road.

After almost 3 years, this was my first Vietnamese wedding celebration I attended.  I really didn’t know what to expect so I dressed like I would attending a wedding in Manila.

Unlike in the Philippines, the guests didn’t bring gifts.  It was kinda mandatory to just give cash gifts using the invitation envelopes.

See the brown cage at the corner of the table?  That’s where you put in the envelopes.

I didn’t really get to go around much the villa because we were busy helping the bride, but the place is nice enough and the food served was terrific!

Some guests were still swimming in the pool and it was almost party time!

I checked the bride’s room and it was around the 3M VND mark per night.  I took some photos but the place was a mess with everybody getting ready.  But it was pretty odd because there was no wall separating the bedroom and the bathroom.  Although the shower room and toilet had separate doors, both were see-through glass.  I guess it’s pretty much for honeymooners. 🙂

There wasn’t any real program because the ceremony is done.  So the night focused on dancing and eating.

It was just a real treat to see a Vietnamese wedding celebration and discover a new place in District 2.  Do check out the lovely guests that turned up in Photo Oi’s Facebook Site.

Congratulations Bon and Anh! 🙂

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