Food Trip: Thai Express

I really wasn’t going to write about Thai Express because I’ve eaten here many times before.  But it was our first time to eat at The Crescent location  and we had an “incident” at the end of dinner.

Thai Express here is larger and I liked the ambiance here so much better than the one along Le Thanh Ton St. and the one in Vincom Center.  All throughout dinner, the restaurant was filled with music sang by Filipino artist, Sabrina.

We tried several dishes as we were with friends but we stuck to our favorites, like the Pad Thai and the soft-shell crab.  The soft-shell crab is expensive everywhere else but in Thai Express, the price is just right if you just want one or two.

Sorry, I was too hungry to take photos but do try the crab and the tofu!  I loved the tofu! 😉

Now on to the incident.  While the dads were paying, I waited outside with the kids as I was keeping an eye on Sam.  All of a sudden, he decided to run back inside the restaurant and missed the door by a meter!!!!  YES!!!  He ran straight onto the glass wall!  It wasn’t too loud from where I was at, and I was just several feet away from him.  But my friends inside told me that it resounded in the whole restaurant.  The thing is with the glass (it was really clear — good job maintenance!) that my son hit was that it was well lit and has a straight view to the dining aisles — so he thought it was the door.  My friend told me that he thought it was a door too earlier when we went in.  The waiter just warned him that it wasn’t. 😛

In fairness to Thai Express, it really wasn’t their fault because my son was too rowdy to notice it.  But it would be nice to put some stickers on the glass wall just to make it more recognizable that it’s a wall!

My son cried a bit and had a red blotch on his forehead for a while but nothing serious.  He was back to his normal self in no time.

Shall we go back to Thai Express?  For our Thai cravings, we still will.  Now fix the glass wall! 😀

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