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Chateau Elysee

We own a house and lot in the Philippines where we lived for a little over a year before our move to Saigon. For the past 3 years, hubby and I have been debating whether to sell it or keep … Continue reading

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Saigon: Trading Knowledge

Living in Saigon makes non-Vietnamese speakers resourceful in finding products or services — it’s really difficult if you can’t read the Vietnamese ads and websites.  Even Google Chrome’s powers cannot translate Vietnamese websites right. So anyway, a fellow neighbour, Veronica … Continue reading

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Premium Gourmet Store

For every shop that closes in Phu My Hung, another one opens.  A month ago, our neighbourhood grocery Fivimart closed down.  Since we got here in 2009, that’s where we used to go to until we moved further away.  I … Continue reading

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Food Trip: An Restaurant

Thanks to our alumni dinner, we found out about Mac Thi Buoi’s best kept secret, An Restaurant.  It’s found at the end of Hem 71. I thought I was familiar with Hem 71 because I eat at Lac Thai found … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday

So it’s Palm Sunday again this coming weekend.  We’re entering the last two weeks of Lent and some have been asking on the schedule of English masses. So here goes… March 31, Saturday – 6:30 PM – Notre Dame Cathedral … Continue reading

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UP Alumni Dinner with Former President Dodong Nemenzo

I graduated from the University of the Philippines 11 years ago (WOW) and I haven’t been back for quite some time since we moved here in Saigon.  Before, we’d spend our December watching some events in the Engineering Week or … Continue reading

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Cakes by Jelda

Last Saturday, we had more cakes than we could ever wish for! Our good friend, Jelda brought a couple more cakes for Sam and Ramya’s party.  Had we known, we wouldn’t have bothered ordering a whole lot.  We had 3 … Continue reading

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