Board Game Nights!

Every Thursday, we always try to get together with friends for board games night.  We started our weekly ritual sometime in October starting with Settlers of Catan.

Then there was Celine’s Struggle For Rome…

Malou and Kim’s mind-boggling Cashflow…

The kids occasionally join us to play Pictionary…

And Thines’ Power Grid…

But mostly, I enjoyed just watching the games, eating, watching whatever show was on TV, and joining in the videoke sessions during the board game nights! 😀

So what do you guys do on Thursday nights?

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2 Responses to Board Game Nights!

  1. settlers of catan, power grid and struggle for rome are interesting. it’s my first time to hear about them. what are they about?
    as for thursday nights, i always used to cook pasta for dinner. but it recently became pasta tuesdays…

  2. Lyra says:

    Hi! All three are strategy games. Think Monopoly, Age of Empires, Risk, and SIM City. And best of all, all have point systems. So you don’t have to play like 3 to 4 hours actually win like Monopoly!

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