Saigon Flea Market at Boomarang Bistro

So last Sunday, we went to the Saigon Flea Market both as participants and customers.

The place was packed outside and inside Boomarang!  The market started at 2 PM but and gained momentum around 4 PM.  There was just so many people milling around!

If we weren’t working our own booth, I would have probably spent a whole lot.  So many pretty stuff to buy! 🙂

We enjoyed working in our Photo Oi! booth. 🙂 And hanging out by our friend, Michelle’s booth.

She sold lovely handcrafted, beads and bands.

My son loved the bouncy castle!

Here’s a vendor selling terrific customized ceramics!

Love the bags sold here.

This one was selling some real cool shirts!

I went home with a couple of baby shirts with animal designs.  🙂

Wish I could have shopped more but my friends and I were tired from working at our booth!

Hope the Saigon Flea Market returns to Boomarang again next month! 🙂


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