Belli Blossom Vouchers Up For Grabs

If you’re an expectant mom or know somebody expecting, then Belli Blossom is the shop for you!

Located at the 4th Floor Crescent Mall, Nguyen Van Linh, Phu My Hung, Belli Blossom sells top of the line maternity and baby apparel and must-haves (baby bottles, breastpump, nursing covers, breastfeeding pillows, strollers, breastfeeding tops, nursing bra, etc.).

Belli Blossom is giving away 100,000 VND vouchers for every 1MVND purchase.  I’m giving away at LEAST 10 vouchers.  So if you’re infanticipating or getting ready to prepare for your pregnant friend’s baby shower, these vouchers may prove useful.

The vouchers are redeemable for the following selected brands:  Gingersnaps, Mam, Mamaway, Luvable Friends, Baby Couture, Debon, and Belli Blossom.

To get a voucher, please like Belli Blossom and Hello-Saigon Facebook pages, then leave a message here in the comments section below that you want a Belli Blossom voucher.  You will then receive an email from  Meet-ups at D1 and D7.

Happy infanticipating! 🙂

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20 Responses to Belli Blossom Vouchers Up For Grabs

  1. Lisa says:

    I am just about to head down to Crescent Mall to buy a good friend’s baby shower gift! I am sure I will be picking up a treat for my 10month old at the same time. Love Belli Blossom and would love a voucher please!

  2. Lyra says:

    Thanks Lisa! Please check your email! 🙂

  3. Yvonne Smith says:


    I have been a few times to Belli Blossom and always come away with something. Expecting my second baby in May so a voucher would be very useful.


  4. Zoe Tran says:

    Im been looking for clothes for my baby girl first birthday and I’ve never been to Crescent Mall, planning for a visit sometimes this weekend. So this voucher would be so useful for me.


  5. Tee Tran says:

    My due date is a week away, would love to visit the shop for bits that I am still missing. This voucher would definitely help. Thanks.

  6. Gloria Chiam says:

    Just found out I’m preggars today! A voucher for baby stuff would be nice. 🙂

  7. Jennifer Vergara says:

    I’ve been fond of visiting the Belli Blossom shop whenever I go to the Crescent. Aside from having met a friendly Pinay (Kerry), I like their items and would purchase some for my 6 month old son. A voucher would be of great help. =)

  8. Grace says:

    You know I have a 4 month-old daughter, so it would be great to have those Belli Blossom vouchers! 🙂


  9. Kathleen says:

    The store looks fab! Would love to have a Belli Blossom voucher too!

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