Souvenirs from Saigon Kitsch

I visited Saigon Kitsch today to find some nice souvenir items for friends visiting.  Luckily, Saigon Kitsch have new designs and products.

They now sell lovely fridge magnets that are made of wood.  Uniquely designed, you can not find the same in Ben Thanh Market where you see lots of fridge magnets sold.  I honestly like the ones sold here so much better.  They won’t easily break like the ceramic fridge magnets.

Some friends in Manila have been asking me for Vietnamese-inspired stickers and I’ve had a difficult time looking for some.  Not even my Vietnamese officemates could tell me where to buy some.  I scored some in Ben Thanh Market but they only had limited designs.  Now, Saigon Kitsch sell stickers too and they look terrific!

And Saigon Kitsch have new black and white coasters showing off the old Saigon.  Makes an interesting conversation piece!

Find Saigon Kitsch along Ton That Thiep St. in District 1.

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2 Responses to Souvenirs from Saigon Kitsch

  1. Paolo M. says:

    Im getting those stickers! Looks awesome! 🙂

  2. Alain Corlay says:

    Hi, ” Saïgon Kitsch ” is located at number 43, Tôn Thất Thiệp Street, District 1.

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