Baby-friendly Mall

Breastfeeding and baby care is a big thing in Manila (at least I know of a huge group who advocate breastfeeding) and honestly here in Vietnam, I haven’t seen a lot of locals breastfeeding their babies.  Lots of local shops carry imported formula milk.  You don’t even have to go to a supermarket to buy one.

My friend Ging visited recently with her 8-month old in tow and was asking if it was okay to breastfeed in public — with a nursing cover of course.  So while we were in Crescent Mall, I kept my eyes peeled for a nursing room.  And voila!  There is a nursing room!  I’m not sure if they’ve got this tucked near all the restrooms but I found one at the 4th floor near the Belli Blossom shop.

Cute decals decorated the walls.

There is a diaper changing table at one side.

And a seat where a mom can breastfeed comfortably. 🙂

It’s fully equipped with a sink too!

Now I look forward to having my baby and visiting the mall often! 😀

Good job Crescent Mall!

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5 Responses to Baby-friendly Mall

  1. Dani says:

    Agreed! Great to promote something so worthwhile.

  2. Kathleen says:

    This is great! Hopefully the other malls would follow suit. Was amazed when I saw uber-clean and spacious breastfeeding and diaper changing rooms in Paragon in Singapore several years ago and wished we also had those in abundance in the Philippines. Good job, Crescent!

  3. Lyra says:

    Kathleen, SM naman made an effort but the breastfeeding rooms are cramped and there has been news about guards asking nursing moms to stop nursing when they’re seen breastfeeding outside the breastfeeding room. 😦

    • Kathleen says:

      Yes, the SM mall in Cebu has one too but it’s quite hidden and there’s only 1 in the entire mall! The thought is nice but somehow still quite lacking. 😦

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