My Week in Saigon through Pictures

This was  a pretty hectic but fruitful week for me.  So here’s a few photos that sums up what it has been like here for me.

We did some grocery-shopping for donation to Te Phan Loving Family Orphanage.  The gift-giving was scheduled this morning.  Just a comment on packing the groceries in the bag here…I just wish they could come up with a system — not because the groceries fit in one bag necessarily mean that you can just put stuff in in whatever fashion you like.  I get pretty OC seeing such things if you’re kinda used to seeing grocery bags meticulously packed by baggers complete with carton strips placed at the bottom of the bag for more stability.

Ordering at Burger Oi! is a breeze.  If you ordered before, their system records your previous order and if you want to order the same thing, you just have to text their number and send, “Same Same”. 😀

I cringe every time I pass by this shop selling appliances.  Wouldn’t want to buy my appliances here.

I was craving for some fresh coconut juice when I saw this at Shop and Go (Vietnam’s 7-11).  Can you believe it?  You’d usually see canned coconut juice sold in convenience stores but not the real deal.  Best of all, the cashier is equipped to drill a hole for my straw. 😀  Simple pleasures!

How was Saigon like for you?  Other than it has been an ultra-hot hot hot week!  The heat is on in Saigon!

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