Saigon Sudden Shower

It’s such a rarity to see a sudden downpour in Saigon these days.  That’s why when I heard thunder this afternoon, I got giddy with anticipation!  Saigon rain!

I took out my camera and started shooting.  So happy that it’s my day off and I get to spend the afternoon relaxing and watching the sudden shower.

My son sat beside me by the window as we waited for lightning to streak across the sky and see the Saigon’s skyline turn to gray.

We had to watch it because we knew it’ll just be for a while.  For some reason, “a sudden downpour” in Saigon is exactly that — sudden.

A few more minutes and District 1 was gone from our window.

But after 30 minutes, it was all over.  The sun didn’t shine like it usually does but the heavens suddenly turned the sprinkler off.

Till next time thunder and lightning!

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