Taxi Flag Down Rate

Just wondering, what should be the taxi flag down rate?  Is it really higher for Vinasun?

I rode one of ’em 7-seaters today and I noticed that the flag down rate is 12,500 VND as compared to Mai Linh’s 7-seater’s 11,500 VND.

Looks like I need to be choosing my cabs so I can at least save a dong.

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1 Response to Taxi Flag Down Rate

  1. Kathleen says:

    Yes, Vinasun is more expensive. Since the 7-seater is more expensive than the sedan, it can really add up. I ride the Mailinh vios if possible especially for long distances. One-way fare from Crescent Mall to our place in Phu Nhuan costs (gasp) 200k!

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