Sweet Creations

This is another cake entry.  It will be for a couple more I think. 😉

Unlike the Philippines where the cake industry is literally brimming with individuals offering customized cake, Saigon only has a handful of people doing this.

Been hearing good reviews on Sweet Creations so I decided to order a cake from them for my  son’s Big Bro Party yesterday.

They arrived at the exact time they said they would (so sorry for giving bad directions Melissa!) and made the cake exactly the way I thought it would come out.  The pram even held a baby and my son’s hair color taken into the details!

Best of all, you don’t have to meet up with them to get things done.  All transactions were done through email and they reply promptly.  Terrific service all in all!

Contact them through sweetcreations.ec@hotmail.com or visit Sweet Creations website for more info.

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