Food Trip: An Restaurant

Thanks to our alumni dinner, we found out about Mac Thi Buoi’s best kept secret, An Restaurant.  It’s found at the end of Hem 71.

I thought I was familiar with Hem 71 because I eat at Lac Thai found in the same area — but I guess not. 🙂  Maybe it’s because I’ve kinda veered away from Vietnamese food coz you can only eat so much V-food here for 3 years!

But anyway, surprisingly, the food was really good!  I didn’t see the menu because all was taken cared of by Tita Liza Caleda but we only paid 250kVND for a 6-course meal including drinks.  That’s not bad!

It’s a lovely place filled with lanterns!

There’s a cozy area in the second floor —

This wall decor gives a whole new meaning to wall fans —

I love the decors and furniture —

This is where we ate with the lovely paintings on the wall!

On the food — I actually took just 2 photos and forgot to take the rest.  I was sooooooo hungry!  But this two were yum!

We had noodles, fried squid, fried rice — and another which escapes me right now.  I’m kinda picky now with eating Vietnamese food but An Restaurant is a good place to visit.

An Restaurant
71/5-71/6 Mac Thi Buoi St., D1, HCMC

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