Premium Gourmet Store

For every shop that closes in Phu My Hung, another one opens.  A month ago, our neighbourhood grocery Fivimart closed down.  Since we got here in 2009, that’s where we used to go to until we moved further away.  I miss the anh oi who usually delivered our grocery and I wonder if he has a found a job already — I hope he has.

So anyway, along Nguyen Duc Canh St., a new gourmet shop opened up most recently called Premium Gourmet Store.  I wasn’t actually sure what it was going to be during its construction stage with it being housed in a 4-floor villa.

As it turned out, it housed a grocery shop for the first 2 floors which included a grocery area.

It sells both locally and imported goods.  There’s a wine and cheese section (that rivals Annam Gourmet!!!).

There’s fresh seafood too!

The 2 upper floors housed the restaurant.

The place actually looked really polished —

The 4th floor dining area is good for private functions —

The 3rd floor dining area is good for small and big groups —

Our board game night group decided to have dinner here.  I ordered baked clams topped with cheese and potato —

and chicken with gravy over potatoes with broccoli.  Both were actually pretty good!

Jelda ordered the salmon steak with spinach.  I tasted the spinach and it was buttery and delicious actually (sorry for the blurry photos!)!

This was the calamari ordered by Mabelle —

and the salmon with pork claypot by Veni —

Rina ordered the carbonara but was a bit late so I didn’t get to take a photo.  It looked creamy and with us finishing all our food, I guess the verdict is — the Premium Gourmet Store is something worth exploring.  The price of the food is from low to mid-range so it’s easy on the pocket! 🙂

Oh and I’d really like to come back for the cheese!  And now, I don’t have to cross the street to Annam Gourmet (so sorry!).  BUT I’d still have to check the prices.  Will check that out next time.

Premium Gourmet Store
R4-47, R1-48 Hung Gia, PMH, D7

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4 Responses to Premium Gourmet Store

  1. Danny says:

    The goods prices are competitive too. The HYPP baby food is cheaper than Queensland and Lotte mart.

  2. reyah says:

    base on the photos, i believe the food here are delicious!

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