Chateau Elysee

We own a house and lot in the Philippines where we lived for a little over a year before our move to Saigon.

For the past 3 years, hubby and I have been debating whether to sell it or keep it.  Suffice to say, a lot business have pulled out of our area and there is very little chance for our place get bought.  Just a side story — we have a neighbour who has been selling their home before we left for Vietnam and last year — 3 years later, there are still no takers.  It’s that difficult to sell!

Luckily, for us this time someone is interested to rent our place.  So I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that this pushes through as it would be good to have our place have someone live there again even for a short time.  I consider our home in the Philippines VERY lucky — and I hope it rubs it luck on those who will rent it.

Anyhoo, I promised a friend, Tita Lucy who is an agent for condominium units in Manila.  Tita Lucy is based here in Saigon and is the first person who have helped us find our first apartment here.  So I’m really thankful for all her help.  She’s promoting SM Development Corporation’s Chateau Elysee which boasts of Mediterranean-style city living in Bicutan.  The 24-56 square units are best for newlyweds, young professionals or OFWs looking for something to invest in.  Chateau Elysee has 6 clusters with 6 to 7 floors each.

If you’re a Filipino in Vietnam and would like to start preparing your return to the Philippines or if you want to start investing on a worthwhile project, kindly contact Tita Lucy at

Download the project brief on Chateau Elysee.

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