Out and About

It’s just a couple of weeks (keeping my fingers crossed and toes) more before I become literally tied here at home.  I’d probably be regaling you stories of my hospital experience or changing diapers. <insert roll-eyes here>

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to take photos as much as I can of my life before Baby #2.  I really enjoy taking my lunch walks around District 1 or commuting to nearby District 3 but I don’t think I’ve amassed much shots to remember what my daily life is like being a part time office worker in Saigon.

Every lunch hour, Ngo Duc Ke is transformed into a dining place where small canteens open to serve lunch to office workers.  I love sitting on those little plastic monoblocs while indulging on pho with crab meat.  I’m not sure what it’s called but it’s really very tasty.  I can hardly sit on those low chairs now. 😦

Sometimes, I change things up and walk along Ho Tung Mau St. which is always busy with a lot of construction going on.

Piles of bricks ready for the construction.  Sometimes I wonder if these itsy-bitsy bricks are strong enough.  We use bigger hollow blocks in the Philippines which is about the size of 3 red bricks in this photo.

Not a good shot but the Vietnamese love birds so I see a lot of these cages around.

And of course, I’m gonna be missing the chaos outside!

So what’s your daily life in Saigon like?


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