Banh It!

What I’m going to miss most at work is trying out the different Vietnamese delicacies that my office mates bring to the office and having them explain to me what I’m eating!

This glutinous rice cake comes from Central Vietnam and is filled with sweet coconut!  It’s just like the rice cakes in the Philippines — but instead, the coconut is a separate condiment we lather ON the food.

This is soooo good!  I ate two when nobody was looking!

I wonder where I can get this in HCMC.  Would you know?

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2 Responses to Banh It!

  1. Le Nguyen says:

    Hi friend, you can get bánh ít in any market around in Saigon. It’s easy to find it 😉

  2. Lyra says:

    Thanks! I just hope I recognize it when I see it! 🙂

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