The Word this April

Read this month’s edition of Word HCMC and find out everything you need to know about the different districts outside D1, D2, and D7!  Really interesting stuff and as soon as I can, I would love to explore District 6!  Read the print edition here.

Also grab a copy of Word Hanoi!  Hilarious stuff I tell you! Two staffers set out to live for a month on a minimum wage salary and I couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through the article that I thought I was going to give birth!  You can check out Word Hanoi April Edition.  With that said, I truly hope the government will pass a resolution to increase the minimum wage because it just seems impossible to live on 2MVND a month!

And lookie here!  FB Deli which is just around Nguyen Van Linh was featured for Cafe Critique!  I just want to chill there and read a book.

Do check out my articles on Aaron Wilson in Deck, Drums, and Rock ‘n Roll —-

A big thanks goes out to Jennifer Dizon of Saigon Players for hooking me up with Aaron!  And thank you Aaron for sparing me some of your time in between gigs in Hanoi.

And for In The Frame, please check out the story on Helene Kling!  Fantastic French artist!  The Saigon community is blessed to have her for a teacher.

Happy reading!

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2 Responses to The Word this April

  1. Yay! Thanks Lyra. I have just downloaded the WORD for the first time 🙂 … I used to have the printed every month when was still at the BC.

    Good to read WORD again 🙂

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