Food Trip: Fanny Ice Cream

Can you believe it?  I haven’t been to Fanny Ice Cream parlor in my almost 3 years of living in Saigon.  It took a couple of friends to visit to make our family go.  It’s not that I haven’t tasted this ice cream — because we buy this in tubs from the grocery.

We visited the one along Ton That Thiep St. in District 1 where I almost always pass by when I go out for lunch (when I was still working).

The parlor didn’t look too appealing during the daytime because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of customers — but what can you expect during lunch time, right?

So I was really surprised that the place was packed when we went there last night.  The air condition inside wasn’t cold which was okay I guess when you have to consume lots of ice cream!

According to this, Fanny is 100% Natural Ice Cream.  What does that mean?

It was difficult to choose from the menu!  I wanted Cafe Liegeois!  But sadly, I can’t.

So I settled for a Chocolat Liegeois instead —

Sam got the Mickey which is Chocolate on top of fruits that are in season like watermelon and dragonfruit.  Sam didn’t like the whipped cream.  He’s just not a fan.

Jean ordered Martiniquaise (I think) but wasn’t able to take a photo.  Here’s Manuel’s Fabailey’s with Bailey’s of course!

Here’s Rachelle’s Autumn which she liked.  It was served with Coconut Juice.

And if you really want to get a sugar high, you can come every Friday for the Ice Cream Buffet from 6:30 to 11 PM.

Here are the happy customers —

I met Jean and Rachelle during my college years.  We didn’t go to the same school but we met through Pinoy Exchange.  We’ve been friends since then!  Miss these gals so much!  Visit us agian, okay?

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4 Responses to Food Trip: Fanny Ice Cream

  1. Kenny says:

    Wow only 110.000VND for all you can eat ice-cream ! I have to try it when i’m in town.
    PS : The BBQ restaurant upper level is great too with really reasonable price.

  2. lisa says:

    Do they still have this going on?

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