Food Trip: Elbow Room

We haven’t crossed much from our Food Trip Bucket List.  But at least we’re continuing to discover delicious food from restaurants we’ve come to love.

Last Sunday, I was racking my brain on where to bring my visiting friends for a snack.  Now if you look at our bucket list, it lists mostly lunch and dinner places.  Ria suddenly remembered Elbow Room’s Key Lime Pie and so Elbow Room it is!

Luckily, my friends didn’t eat lunch because they were too busy shopping at Burberry’s Private Sale at Rex Hotel. LOL.  So, they were pretty much hungry. 😉

Sunday afternoon is pretty slow for Elbow Room — which is great for us especially with a toddler who can’t sit still.

Rachelle was ravenous after maxing out her credit card at the private sale and so she ordered Fish and Chips —

— and she paired it with Clam Chowder!  Super good!  I’m going to come back for this!

Jean ordered the Elbow Room Burger!  It’s humongous!  But Jean finished it all!  Hehehehe!

Manuel and I shared Herb Chicken with Spinach and Mashed Potatoes and Sam’s pancake leftovers.  Rachelle couldn’t believe the Herb Chicken is chicken.   The thigh-leg portion is big!

We had to leave some room for the Key Lime Pie —

and Death by Chocolate!!!!

It doesn’t look much because we forgot to take a photo once we’ve sliced it!  IT WAS DIVINE!!!  Chocolate was oozing everywhere and we just wanted to dig in!  Sigh.

I hope I can come back to Elbow Room one more time before I deliver!

Elbow Room
52 Pasteur St., D1

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