Saigon Players’ Trouble at the Tropicabana

Helping spread the word on Saigon Players’ upcoming show, “Trouble at the Tropicabana”.

Directed by Patrick Hughes, the cast includes:

Ro Verdeja as Ricky
Alice Borman as Lucy
Emily Huckson as Ethel
Nik Deshpande as Fred
Kristin Romberg as The Don
Ingrid Berry as Celia B. De Milo
Tra Nguyen as Rosita
Trinh Nguyen as the Cabana Girl
Robert Cotgrove as the Cabana Boy

Proceeds of this show will go directly to Helping Hands Saigon.

If you want to sponsor or volunteer for the production (publicity, props, stage crew), email

For more information, visit

Wishing you all the best Jen!

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