Food Trip: BBQ Number 1

BBQ Number 1 opened where Gee-licious used to be in Sky Garden just last Monday, April 9.

According to a friend, it also owns the Korean shop down in Sky Garden 1 selling imported meat where we sometimes buy.

They’re offering 10% discount as part of their  grand opening.

So this is where we headed to yesterday night for our Thursday Dinner slash supposedly Board Game Night.

BBQ retained the pink furniture of Gee-licious but installed grills on the tables.

There’s somebody assigned to each table to do the barbecuing.

You can only choose from pork or beef for the BBQ.

The 250,000 VND meal includes banh xeo, this spicy seafood soup, and tofu —

Not sure if this is tofu or egg but I liked it!

For 6 persons, our bill totaled to 383,000 VND (with the discount already)!  Can you believe it?  But I must admit, if you’re not into BBQ, there’s nothing here for you.  And the food doesn’t really taste spectacular.  But I’m glad that there’s a nearby BBQ place in our area.  Oh and the service is really good!

Hopefully, they can up the ante in the days to come!

in between Sky Garden 2 and 3 walkway
PMH, D7 

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2 Responses to Food Trip: BBQ Number 1

  1. Mike says:

    Is this all you can eat?

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