Seen in Saigon: Going Bananas!

I went to the grocery today and bought some bananas and guess what?  They’re from the Philippines!

I had to pay  32,130 VND or PhP 64 for 6 pieces of bananas!  Ma Cua!!!

But  they’re really good.  Philippine bananas are bigger than the Vietnamese ones. 🙂

How much are bananas in the Philippines these days?



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4 Responses to Seen in Saigon: Going Bananas!

  1. Robert says:

    Which grocer, Lyra?
    I love Filipino bananas – used to enjoy in NZ but in Australia they’re banned due to Govt protectionism of local growers. Which means bananas in Australia are incredibly expensive.
    Even after storms destroy crops they won’t allow foreign imports!
    At such times Aussies have to pay $10/kg+!!!! Can you imagine paying 220,000 VND for 1kg?!

    • Lyra says:

      OMG! That’s soooo expensive and here I am complaining about the Philippine bananas being expensive here in Vietnam!

      I bought those at Queenland Mart. Fivi Mart have them too. Bananas with the DOLE sticker are sometimes from the Philippines too — you can find those at Lotte Mart.


  2. noelleisme says:

    Mắc quá (or Đắt quá in the North), not Ma Cua, Ma is a ghost, Cua is a crab! Something about Vietnamese via my English teacher, if you want to learn Vietnamese, the easiest way is find out an English words which had the same sound with these words in Vietnamese 😀 I hope it will helpful ^^
    Example: xoong (a saucepan) had the similar sound with “Song” in English…

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