Elbow Room Revisited

Since I can’t go out yet, I’m listing down the food I want to eat when I can finally visit restaurants. 😀  I’m still haunted by some of Elbow Room’s food since that was the last pig out session I had with my friends in celebration of Tita Bing’s birthday.

Although, I’m Pinoy — I liked Elbow Room’s spaghetti — which is not sweet at all.  As you know, the Filipino version of spaghetti is a tad sweet.

So not a fan of sausages but this one tasted terrific!

Wish that the Quattro Formaggi was bigger!

And I promised myself that I’d go back for the Clam Chowder and I did!  My friends loved this!

And this is how Death by Chocolate looked when sliced!  Oozing with chocolate goodness!

Sigh.  I’ll be happy with just the Clam Chowder!  I wish I can order for delivery but I doubt it’ll taste as good. 😦

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2 Responses to Elbow Room Revisited

  1. Dani says:

    We get it delivered all the time! Clam chowder comes with the liquid in a container and the bread on the side as crusty as ever! Just assemble yourself and it’s just like you are there. Go for it!

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