Word HCMC this May

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking about finding a new apartment— and now the May edition of Word HCMC features the different apartments locals and expats choose to live in — from the cheapest to the priciest!

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the right apartment these days.  And honestly, the apartments available now aren’t as good as the ones a couple of years  ago. 😦  I really don’t want to move to another area as I’ve grown accustomed to our way of living where we are now.

I have a couple of months more before we finally move so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get to find THE ONE! 😀

If you’re looking to move too, you might want to check out this feature and see the price range of apartments in the metro.

Last month, I was given the assignment to interview the co-founder of Helping Orphans Worldwide, Hillary Brown.  Even though it was a Skype interview, I could feel how passionate she is with her work through her voice.  Do read on how you can help HOW in Vietnam.

Also in this same issue, I was able to write about Malaysian painter, Shyevin S’ng of Vin-Space.  Wish Vin-Space was nearer our place.

Le Hoang Bich Phuong, the first Vietnamese artist I’ve ever met and interviewed has a traveling exhibit till May 25! So happy for her.  And on this same page, the Pinoy Ako! exhibit is announced for the celebration of Philippine Independence Day in HCMC organized by Filipino artist, Jensen Moreno.

Oooh and our very own, Puerto Princesa, Palawan is featured in Word HCMC and Hanoi’s Destination Zero column —

Though I’ve been to Palawan, I’ve never been to the Southern portion.  I have yet to visit Puerto Princesa.

And remember Thien Son Plaza in PMH?  I thought this building is about to close down especially since Crescent Mall and Parkson Paragon has established its clientele — but I guess not yet!  Thien Son Plaza now has the German fitness and yoga centre.

Best of all, the membership for a year is only at 990,000 VND which is way cheaper compared to the other big gyms like California Fitness and Crescent Gym.  Best of all, no registration fee for the first 500 customers! 😀

Download this month’s edition of Word HCMC here.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Hi Lyra! Do you know if there’s a way I could get print issues delivered at home? I don’t mind paying a delivery charge. Sure beats going around looking for a copy. I’m not a fan of digital magazines. 🙂

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