Siesta Time

Okay so for 5 days, I couldn’t access Hello Saigon.  I thought all is lost!  I have been mentally kicking myself for not religiously doing back-up. 😦

The weird thing was, WordPress was on siesta mode here at our place only but I’ve been getting notification that people are posting messages on the blog.  How odd is that?

Anyhoo, yesterday while I was so down because I couldn’t access this site, I looked out from our window and saw this 2 work men having their own siesta.

Our nanny was saying that this is normal for the Vietnamese.

But we Filipinos also rest during the afternoon but not just on the ground ground.  Wouldn’t you get sick because the ground is hot or something?  Well at least put some cardboard boxes.

As our nanny used to say, “In Vietnam, this is okay.  In the Philippines, if you do this, you die.”  Hehehe!  “Die” actually meant “get sick”.

With that, I’m glad to be back from that 5-day siesta!

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