Baby’s Day Out!

It’s Rafa’s 1st official day out of our house — apart from going to the hospital and our morning/evening strolls.  Thanks to Belli Blossom (Hi Kerry!), I have a VALID reason to go to the MALL!  Yes!

But maaaan!!!  Twas difficult with that huge stroller that we have!  Thank goodness for our nanny, Bay!

So anyhoo, I brought my eldest (wow! I’m using that term now), Sam to the Kid’s Zone (I think!) and left him there with Bay while Rafa and I headed to Belli Blossom.

It was still early and I met the moderator of the Breastfeeding Meet, Karine (I hope I got the name and spelling right), a social worker, Lina — an expecting mom, and of course, Kerry.  Other moms came in the shop soon after and we all sat down for the session.

It was an informal session so we all felt relaxed to just share our experiences in breastfeeding (and beyond) and ask questions.

It was wonderful to talk to people about babies and breastfeeding without worrying that you’re talking TOO MUCH about babies and breastfeeding!

It’s the only meeting you can sit and breastfeed in front of other people and not be shy about it!

Marge’s son, Mo entertained us all.  He is soooo adorable and I could bite a chunk off his thigh!  I can’t wait when Rafa is able to move freely like Mo.  It would be so much easier!

While in the meeting, you can actually start window shopping! 😉

It was an interesting afternoon and I highly recommend expectant and breastfeeding moms (and even dads!) to join. 🙂

Until the next breastfeeding meet!

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