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Constant Change

“We’re on the road. We move from place to place. And often times when I’m about to call it home, we have to move along.  Life is a constant change. Oh no…” – Jose Mari Chan, Constant Change We officially … Continue reading

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Got some change?

Akala ko sa Pilipinas lang yung nagsusukli nang kendi, hindi pala.  Maybe it’s an Asian thing? This often happens to me at Shop and Go and their favorite candy to give is Golia. They give this out so often that … Continue reading

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Khoai: a slice of Nha Trang

Diep of Khoai has been inviting me for the longest time to visit her restaurant that serves authentic dishes from Nha Trang. Found right behind the Reunification Palace along the quiet Le Quy Don St., you’d think there aren’t much … Continue reading

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Roasted Pig

This called for an emergency post! Mang Peter is roasting a pig!!!  It’s lechon time! Lechon is an iconic food in the Philippines served in momentous occasions and fiestas (festivities).  And it’s here!  It’s a suckling pig so it’s small … Continue reading

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I’ve Got Mail

…to post.  After 2 months, I finally was able to go to the Post Office!  I posted a number of postcards and saw new stamps!  Yay!  I was with my friend who was into collecting stamps as well so I … Continue reading

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Pan de Sal in Vietnam

  If banh mi is the national bread of Vietnam, it’s pan de sal (salted bread) for Pinoys.  It doesn’t look much but it packs a punch.  😀  Funny fact though is that the term  pan de sal is not even … Continue reading

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Movie Review: De Mai Tinh

I know another old movie!  I’m sorry but it is only now that I get to watch Vietnamese films.  And also, please feel free to suggest what other movies I can watch.  As I’ve said, I’m not too picky.  To … Continue reading

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UMA Service Review

So we decided to stay put in our apartment of 2 years.  I did not realize how attached I was to our apartment until we found another we could move into — did the whole negotiation thing with the agent … Continue reading

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Sharp: Celebrating 100 Years of Memories

I was brought up in a household that loves watching TV shows.  No, we’re no TV-holics but some of our best times were watching TV shows while waiting up for our Dad to come home on Friday nights from yet … Continue reading

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What’s in a package?

Been doing some grocery shopping when I came across the new Clorox dishwashing liquid under the brand name Green Works.  I don’t know in some other countries but this one looked real nice.  The packaging and colors looked refreshing.  I … Continue reading

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