Herb garden, anyone?

Obviously I can’t have an herb garden because we live in a tiny apartment.  But we can grow some in pots, right?

Thanks to our neighbour, Andreas who grew this basil plant, we now have this at home!  I just hope I don’t go crazy preparing pesto that this dies quickly! 😛

I also hope I remember to take this out for some sun and remember to water it.  Errr… I used to have a cactus plant in our toilet and it died because I forgot to water it. 😛  Can you believe that?  It’s already in the toilet with plenty of faucets and I still forgot to water it! 😛

I know what you’re thinking — why not just buy basil leaves in the market, right?  Because every time I remember to prepare something using basil, the basil has already gone bad in the fridge. 😦  This way, I’ll have a fresh stash all the time. 😉

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1 Response to Herb garden, anyone?

  1. I like planting things myself because they taste so much better when they’re that fresh!

    In my kitchen, I have basil, coriander and my 2 succulent plants. Everything else on my balcony because I’m a planting addict. I think your basil should be okay indoors as long as it’s beside a window with a bit of sunshine like you have it in the photo.

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