Happy Independence Day!

Honestly, if we were in the Philippines, we wouldn’t be doing anything special or patriotic on Independence Day except stay home and enjoy the break.  However, living in another country makes you do strange but wonderful things — like actually celebrate the Philippine Independence Day!  And in Saigon, it’s almost a month long celebration with the Pinoy Ako exhibit making its rounds in the city and the Musiklaban and SAPI Got Talent this coming Sunday!

Today, we joined the Pinoy Trivia at Geisha Cafe.  We didn’t expect how many will show up but we filled up the entire upper cafe!  What a surprise!

We were divided into 5 teams: Team Bagets, Team Ba, i-Team, That’s Entertainment, and Teamawa.  My team is Team Ba — Ba in Vietnamese means 3 — because we were 3 (Hi Jelda and Soki!) in the group but luckily our group got 2 more players who were really, really good (Thanks Lyn and Andy!)!  😉

Our terrific hosts —

And while we were at it, we enjoyed Joan’s creations.  Yup, The Artist Chef is back in Saigon!

And because we had 2 groupmates who were really smart, we won!!!

So what were the questions?  Guess!!!  Here were some of our answers —

But actually, the highlight of the trivia were the bonus questions that included reciting the Panatang Makabayan, dancing “Always” by the Universal Motion Dancers, reciting the lines from Nora Aunor’s movies, singing Imelda Papin’s Isang Linggong Pag-ibig, and dancing 4 Philippine folk dances!  I want to post the videos!!!  😀

Thanks Geisha for hosting Pinoy Trivia Night! 🙂

Happy Independence Day fellow Filipinos — wherever you may be!

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2 Responses to Happy Independence Day!

  1. Regina says:

    Had so much fun dapat maulit!!

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