the elusive pink book (a.k.a. blue book in its hey days 😛 ) or police clearance.

So what is this?  As far as I know it’s used to register with the police — the people in the household of an apartment / villa / condo unit / house  rented out by a Vietnamese landlord.

Now, if you don’t have this and the police suddenly drops by (and they’ve been notorious to knock at your door late in the night!), the landlord (read: LANDLORD) will be asked to pay the fine.  The renters will not pay a cent.  It is the responsibility of the landlord to process the police clearance.

Why am I doing cartwheels having this pink book?  Because it took a LOOOONG time before we got this and we badly need this to process our residence certificate, my son’s birth certificate and passport!

So thanks so much to my LANDLORD but really, I should be thanking my agent Hoa at Phuc Anh Co for pushing our landlord to get this ASAP.

All’s well that ends well.

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