Sinh To

The #uChoose happening on Twitter tonight got me craving for a coconut smoothie.  HerDailyDigest asked to choose between Ca phe or Sinh To.  And since for some reason, Vietnamese coffee don’t have a decaf counterpart, I have to settle for Sinh To for the time being. 😉

So there I was, 9 pm and craving for a coconut smoothie.  The hubby was kind enough to go downstairs to buy me one.  🙂  And he came back with 2.  He was surprised that it tasted good.

That’s why I love living where I am.  Almost everything is just nearby.  And interestingly, where I live, there are like 5 shops selling fruit shakes and smoothies!

That’s why I’m reminded to eat more fruit.

I just wish I’m not so tamad  (lazy) to eat ’em.

So what’s your favorite sinh to?

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1 Response to Sinh To

  1. Michael says:

    Can’t get past my Western background – orange or strawberry, or both in one. But the rest of my family love avocado sinh to.

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