Happy Father’s Day

What a contrast our Father’s Day celebration was yesterday to last year’s.

Last year, I was able to plan Father’s Day perfectly.  But now with 2 kids, just getting out of the house with no drama is an accomplishment — so for us, just being able eat out as a family is a milestone.

Father’s day is also Rafa’s second monthsary and his first time to join us at Thai Express.  We had to pick a restaurant that allows wailing babies and toddlers. 😛  This is where playing Diner Dash comes in to play — don’t sit near couples and as much as possible don’t sit in areas where you can be sandwiched by other diners.  We took the table near the door so we can make a mad dash if things get hairy. 😛

Luckily, my sons were well-behaved for the night.  Rafa slept through the entire meal.

We had the mango salad.  I liked the spicy flavor but didn’t get to finish this off even with hubby’s help.  Good for 3 I think — unless you really are into spicy food.  Here’s another shot because it really looked nice in the photos —

Of course, I also had to order the Pad Thai because I haven’t had any for some months now.

It tasted good.  Absence really makes the heart grow fonder. 🙂

The soft-shell crab curry tasted delicious actually.  It was a surprise because I’m not a fan of curry.  But something did disappoint —

Hubby ordered this Honey Chicken.  Do you see the chicken?  Yup!  It’s that itsy-bitsy thing at the upper-right portion.  Hubby said that there were chicken stuffed in the rice BUT if that is so, then Thai Express shouldn’t have named this dish Honey Chicken because it’s quite misleading.  Maybe Rice Stuffed with Chicken is better. 😛

Although eating at Thai Express was not at all perfect, it was terrific that we finally ate out 10 minutes away from home with just us 4.  More challenging times ahead for sure as Rafa becomes more mobile.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

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