Saigon Flea Market in June

More than ever, Saigon Flea Market is going strong.  It has become something I look forward to monthly — even just to window shop!

There’s just so much stuff being sold and though I love clothes — I still am not back to my pre-pre-pregnancy figure (Good luck to me!).  And with most clothes sold in the size of the Vietnamese women, I can hardly find something for me to wear.

So last June 17, I finally had the chance to visit the SFM after giving birth.  I was worried that it will get rained on because of the bad weather in the afternoon.  BUT I found out I didn’t have to be concerned because there are tents now!

I came by towards the end of the market day and there was still so many people inside Boomarang.

I was with my son so I could hardly shop!  He loved this though —

He wouldn’t leave and wanted to buy a toy!  And he kept on wanting to touch this 3D Puzzle!

The place is so full of vendors selling clothes, accessories, and leathergoods.  It’s great that we have this now in Saigon but now there’s just so much to choose from.  😛

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