Movie Review: Co Dau Dai Chien

Okay.  I’m so not in my element here.  I’m a poor critique because honestly I’m so easy to please when it comes to movies.

Because of kingceejays’s post on 5 Vietnamese Movies to Watch, I hunted down 3 of his 5 recommended movies. 🙂

So the other night, I stayed up late and watched Dai Chien which according to the subtitle translation means Battle of the Brides.  Directed by Victor Vu, this movie was shown last May 2011.

The movie is about a bachelor named Thai (Huy Khanh) and how he juggles his 5 girlfriends which all became his fiances.  The story didn’t end well for him when the girl he loved Linh (Ngoc Diep) left him (almost at the altar) because of their history.

Most of the movie was shot in Phu My Hung which was really interesting because I live in the same area and it’s nice to see something familiar on film.

It has a lot of LOL moments which is quite entertaining actually despite the fact that I had to read subtitles.  You have got to see this especially the nose-picking scene.  😀

For my first Vietnamese movie, it wasn’t bad.  Not bad at all.  It actually reminds me of some Filipino comedy movies I’ve watched in the past and I find that the Vietnamese humor is not far from ours.  Hubby was surprised as well that the cinematography ain’t bad.  With a little research, I found out that the production designer by the way, is by a fellow UP Diliman schoolmate, Jose Mari Pamintuan.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars for a comic love story film. 😀

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