Proud Pinoy in Saigon

Finally!  Before the 11-day exhibition of Pinoy Ako ended, we were able to visit the display in Asiana Intercontinental Saigon.  Jensen Moreno organized this successful event.  If you remember, I met her early this year for an interview with Word HCMC.

You cannot believe how difficult it was for this exhibition to come into fruition — the coordination, the permits, the shipping of artworks — all these Jensen did — all for the love of the arts and belief in the Filipino talent.  Kudos Jensen!!!

I can’t believe I missed the opening nights!  Meeting the artists would have been a treat.  Pinoy Ako gathered around 30 Filipinos here in Vietnam and abroad to celebrate the 114th Philippine Independence Day by giving tribute to the Filipino artistic spirit.

Thanks Jensen for including my small contribution.

This is only half of the works of the exhibit.

Half can be viewed at Geisha Cafe at 85 Pasteur St.  Big thanks to Geisha’s owner, Helen Holani!

I could have gone around the room over and over just gushing over on how amazing the works are!  I know!  So OA!

What I’d give to get an ounce of the talent these artists have —

I have so many favorites in the exhibition.  I hope Jensen can let me know who did this painting of Jose Rizal juxtaposed with symbols of freedom.

Another of my favorite is this girl with a text on the background (I wonder what its about and I really wanna know!) —-

What I love most about this painting is this on her forehead —-

Sharing with you a brief walk in the exhibit —

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So proud to be Pinoy.

I truly hope we’d see more events in the future that will celebrate the Filipino talent!

The exhibit will end on June 23 so please, please drop by Asiana Intercontinental Saigon (Residence 2nd floor meeting room) or Geisha Cafe to view the exhibit!

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4 Responses to Proud Pinoy in Saigon

  1. Ging says:

    Ganda! Na-miss ko bigla pumunta sa museums and exhibits!:)

  2. Alice Borman says:

    It was an inspiring and eye opening experience. I was lucky enough to made it to the opening and
    I was blown away by the talent and the humility of the artists. The room was filled with love and generosity of spirit, everyone was there to support this wonderful day revolving around the political freedom of an amazing people. Jensen Moreno is a pioneer, and a visionary. I am so blessed to have met her and worked with her.

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