What’s in a package?

Been doing some grocery shopping when I came across the new Clorox dishwashing liquid under the brand name Green Works.  I don’t know in some other countries but this one looked real nice.  The packaging and colors looked refreshing.  I wanted to buy then and there but I realized I still have a full bottle of dishwashing liquid at home.  The same goes for the glass cleaner (the one with the spray).  At the right most portion of the photo, you’d see another of Clorox’ product.  It’s in a solid white  packaging which kinda reminds me of Seventh Generation.  All are well-executed — at least from my POV.

Beside Clorox is Mr. Muscle by Glade.  These are floor cleaners and don’t you think they look like Gatorade?

In the beverage section, I spotted Chimay again.  Seeing this always makes me smile.  “Chimay” for us Filipinos means househelp.  So this screams like househelp in a bottle. 😀

Oh and one last interesting packaging or brand name —

Enough said.

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3 Responses to What’s in a package?

  1. Sara says:

    All I see are pretty coloured chemicals for kids to drink! Stuff scares me silly.

    Get the same results with plain white vinegar and bicarb soda.
    Also consider using soapnuts to make a non toxic truely environ friendly wash liquid for your dishes, hair and clothes. 🙂

    However familiar brands or the like that remind us all of home are so important. xoxo

  2. aha! Fagotinni looks yummy. is it? but the name and branding sounds err.weird. anyway looks cute~

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