Movie Review: De Mai Tinh

I know another old movie!  I’m sorry but it is only now that I get to watch Vietnamese films.  And also, please feel free to suggest what other movies I can watch.  As I’ve said, I’m not too picky.  To be safe — drama, comedy, and love stories would be great!

So over the weekend, I watched De Mai Tinh or Fool for Love starring Kathy Uyen (as Mai — the lead vocalist for a band), Dustin Nguyen (as  Dung — the toilet guy/driver/bartender), and Thai Hoa (as Hoi — the rich gay  businessperson).  The film was directed by Truc “Charlie” Nguyen.  Shot at Movenpick HCMC, then Sheraton Nha Trang, and then Movenpick Hanoi.   

I’m kinda a fool for love stories and comedy so this one is really something I enjoyed.  I especially loved the character of Hoi who gave the film the comic relief it needed from the seemingly sad and almost impossible love story between Mai and Dung.  Both struggling in their careers — Mai as a singer and Dung as just somebody who needs to hold down a job.  With Mai’s career starting to soar, Dung didn’t think he can keep up.

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars.  I wasn’t too kilig!

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  1. Stephen Tan says:

    hi .. the first VN movie I caught, on TV (it’s from 2008 … how fast time flies)..
    Nụ Hôn Thần Chết
    (a romantic comedy that tries too hard, I guess!) it had mixed reviews… so, you have to see it for yourself.. haha! Here’s a trailer:

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