UMA Service Review

So we decided to stay put in our apartment of 2 years.  I did not realize how attached I was to our apartment until we found another we could move into — did the whole negotiation thing with the agent — and I was grumpy the whole night.  When I woke up the next morning, I told hubby that I didn’t want to move at all and after that, the grumpiness disappeared. 🙂

The trouble is our 2-year old apartment needs some freshening up.  We need some new chairs for the dining and work area.  And so I went to UMA because it was the nearest furniture shop I know and am quite familiar with the stuff they sell.  And yes, we have that black/red/white thing going on in the apartment so I found the chair (in the photo) belongs in our apartment.

So I went last Tuesday to choose the chairs.  Wednesday morning they delivered but 2 of the chairs weren’t the one I wanted.  I checked my receipt and yep they punched in the wrong chairs.  Of course it was my fault too because I didn’t check my receipt at all. 😦

After a few calls, the delivery guy from UMA told me that they’ll come back in the afternoon to change the chairs.  They even repaired another chair we have that was all-wobbly.

I don’t know if it’s really easy to deal with them or I’m just blessed to have a Vietnamese nanny who translated for me.  Hehehehe!  Either way, I’m happy UMA delivered.

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