Pan de Sal in Vietnam


If banh mi is the national bread of Vietnam, it’s pan de sal (salted bread) for Pinoys.  It doesn’t look much but it packs a punch.  😀  Funny fact though is that the term  pan de sal is not even Filipino. 😀

Much like the banh mi, we can choose our own adventure with our pan de sal — just the 1/3 version of it though.  But one thing that those eating the banh mi don’t do is dipping the pan de sal in coffee. 😉

For me, I just like my pan de sal with cheese.

Good morning Vietnam!

Want pan de sal?  Call Mang Peter at 54103051

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1 Response to Pan de Sal in Vietnam

  1. silver price says:

    I decided that it was time to try the banh mi in NYC. I’ve had them in many other places, but I finally decided it was time to try what Manhattan had to offer.I did a lot of research to try and find which were considered the best, and this spot came up most often. The location itself is a new spot for them, and is definitely nicer than your average deli in chinatown. They were moving fast too, as i waited only a minute for my sandwich. I went with the #1 which was minced pork. The roll itself was perfect, though I would have loved it warmed up a tad. The bread was crispy, flaky and soft in the center. The only problem about the bread was…there was TOO much of it. The pork was great, though it would have been nice to have a little more on there. But, for $3.75 (yea, thats high, but this is Manhattan) I can’t complain much. I personally prefer the cold cut sandwich with pate to this type of pork banh mi. Overall, the sandwich was quite good, but not my favorite.

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